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Designed to guide you in growing your Young Living business.

Numerous subscribers to Diamond Factory Training credit the nuggets of information from these lessons to their success as now Platinum & Diamond leaders

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Monty Moran

The know-how I've learned and applied from The Diamond Factory has propelled me to what I call the medal rounds.

Moreover, I have applied these principles, tools and steps with my fitness business. My customer relations management system became easier and my life is less chaotic.

The Numerous Rank Advancers

Jen Springer tapped into the Platinum group to have as guests on The Monday Night Call ( The consistent topic that always came up was their gratitude for The Diamond Factory. Many went from Distributor to Platinum and beyond within 3 years by applying what they learned directly from The Diamond Factory.

Jen Springer

I flat-lined at Gold in my business for 8 solid years. I was "buys" working my business but I was doing the wrong things to GROW my business. Diamond Factory Training are the lessons I learned that moved my business from stuck to forward. My hopes are these lessons in The Diamond Factory shorten your learning curve and help you and your team get momentum to your desired goals! 

What do I do? What do I say?

We cover all aspects of how to start building and keep growing a substantial business organization in Young Living, here in this module.

You are a sales & marketing company. Now own it!

We all need and use tools to leverage our time, expand our reach and ease duplication. Learn here how to use use the Customer Relations Manager (CRM) to keep track of correspondence with all those people you meet. Web  pages to draw attention and allow visitors to submit their best contact information for you to reach out to them, thank you videos, postcards, bookmarks, flyers and actual presentations already made for you to use. All you need to do is play the presentation and follow with the close.

Success can happen fast or even faster

Go at your own speed and make sure to put it into practice. Learn how to really earn a substantial income with Young Living as many others have since 2015 straight from The Diamond Factory.


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